5 words - 26 times.

love chalkboard sign

Some words are worth repeating.  

I guess it depends on who’s saying the words or what they are, right?  

Is it your toddler, demanding a cookie?  In this case, repetition is naughty.  ^__^


Is it a commercial, playing the exact same message for a fifth time in a 1 hour show?  

That would be called - annoying!


Is it the playlist in your head?  Same basic messages on repeat?

"You're too fat!"   "You're not good enough."   "You did it again! You'll never change."   "They don't really like you."    "You have to have this....."    "God couldn't possibly love you with what you've done."    "You're not doing enough"   #onandonandonandon

Those would be - destructive lies.


But what if?

What if it was something that God said?

Over and over and over. How about 26 times in 26 verses?!

That would be - important.

I’d be paying attention and thinking, He really wants me to get this.  This is worth repeating.


So check out Psalm 136.  26 Verses.

And there are 5 words, (depending on which translation you read), that are repeated in EVERY single verse!

Five words that God felt were worth repeating.

“His steadfast love endures forever.” 


Everything else on earth: 

every toy, every fashion, every new car, every house, every electronic device, every pair of shoes, every book, every t.v. show, every new health craze, every dollar, every friend, every group, every destination, every hobby, every beautiful possession, every desire, every goal, every ministry, every everything … DOES eventually change.  And fade.


But God’s love is everlasting. 

It will endure.

It will last.

It will not change.


No matter what you do or what you don’t do.

No matter what you have or what you don’t have.  

No matter what happens in this indisputably changing, crazy world….

His steadfast love for you, lasts forever.

His steadfast love endures forever.

These are words to repeat.  Over and over and over and over.  *26 times?*

Let them sink down deep.  Uproot the lies.  Tap into heart soil, stretching far and wide, growing strong and sure.  Sprouting life rather than death.  Beauty in place of destruction.


ocean sunset


Read Psalm 136.

Don’t skip over those persistent words.  Speak them aloud.  Tell your spirit to sit up and pay attention.  They are purposeful words, meant to encourage you and press truth, gently into your soul.  

His steadfast love endures forever.


Words to speak when fear threatens.

Words to repeat when pride tempts.

Words to sing when despair darkens.

Words to remind when hope dims.

Words to shout when the enemy lies.

Words to start your day.

Words to end your day.


His steadfast love endures forever.


His steadfast love endures forever.


His steadfast love endures forever.