Emmanuel - God is with us

There's something about sky.

It speaks of God's big-ness.

It pulls me from my small perspective and reminds me that His is infinite.  And He is everywhere.  He is not limited to the present, because He's been in my past and has already traveled to my future, but somehow, is in my right now too.  

He's that big.  That whole.  That complete.   Emmanuel.  God with us.  In every moment.

My Christmas decorations are moving towards their boxes for storage and carols still linger in my mind and "Emmanuel" could easily feel like one more thing to pack away until next December.  Of course there is no actual object to pack, it’s a song.  But Emmanuel is more than a song.  It’s more than a favored term in December.

Emmanuel.  God with us.

Emmanuel is to be left unpacked, unwrapped, opened and enjoyed.

He IS Emmanuel.  Every month.  Every day.  Every moment.

This moment.  His very personal and present gift to me is His presence with me. In me. 

Every new sky reminds me of his presence.  Big, wide, available, always there, beautiful, and always with me.